Dehui GmbH is not only the exclusive distributor, but provides sound service and sales support for European cosmetic brands that want to expand into the Chinese market

For European manufacturers of cosmetic brands the Chinese cosmetics market is very exciting because it is now one of the largest markets for cosmetics worldwide and is continuously developing very positively.

Since the Chinese end-consumers prefer cosmetic products from Europe in particular, this means very good development opportunities for European manufacturers and brands on the Chinese cosmetic market.

However, for market entry there are several barriers to overcome.

In China, all imported cosmetic products must first be registered or approved, but Chinese legislation governing cosmetics changes very often.

Companies who want to expand into the Chinese market have to ask themselves the following questions:

  • How shall I find a competent and reliable registration agency?
  • How shall I find a reliable and competent distributor?
  • How do the sales channels of cosmetic products work in China?
  • How can a European company work smoothly with a Chinese company?

As a trading and service consultant company, we offer you our professional consultancy service and sales support which match your individual needs!

Safety Information Annex 14 and Submission Code of cosmetic raw material

According to China's Cosmetic Regulation, from January 01, 2023, the safety information or submission code of each raw material of a cosmetic product registered or notified in China must be submitted or uploaded to the NMPA portal. Previously, this was only required for high-risk raw materials such as preservatives, UV filters, whitening raw materials, etc....
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