Domestic responsible person for cosmetics in China

The domestic responsible person in China plays a very important role, not only in the notification/registration of cosmetic products, but also in communicating with the competent authority for the supervision of cosmetics.

The duties of a domestic responsible person in China include:

  1. assistance in the notification and registration of cosmetic products of foreign notifier/registrant
  2. assisting the foreign notifier/registrant in monitoring adverse reactions of cosmetic products
  3. assisting the foreign notifier/registrant in the implementation of recalls of cosmetic products
  4. cooperate with the NMPA in its monitoring and inspection activities in China.

The domestic responsible person must be a China-based company.
The responsible person gets the access data of the account for notification/registration. This means that the responsible person always has access to the confidential information, such as the formulation, the manufacturing process, the details of the suppliers and the trade names of each raw material, etc.

To protect your company's know-how, the right choice of domestic responsible person in China is extremely important. It is not advisable to appoint the Chinese distributor as the domestic
responsible person. You can set up your own company in China that can take over the function of the domestic responsible person. However, the effort and costs involved are high. In order to help manufacturers and brands deal with this problem, DeHui GmbH has established a subsidiary in China, which can act as a domestic responsible person for the Chinese market in the case of an assignment for the manufacturers and brands.