Toothpaste notification mandatory in China from 1 December 2023

“Toothpaste Supervision and Administration Regulation” will come into force in China from December 1st 2023. The import of toothpastes in China without notification will end soon.
“Cosmetics Supervision and Administration Regulation”, “Administrative Measures for Cosmetics Label and Claims” and the other related guidelines for cosmetics also apply to toothpaste.

Brief overview the new requirements:

  • The notifier is responsible for the quality, safety and claims, etc. of the toothpaste.
  • The effects are divided into 9 categories.
  • All effects except basic cleaning need the efficacy test.
  • The effects of toothpaste for children must have only two effects of cleaning and anti-caries.
  • The toothpastes already sold in the Chinese market, which have no quality incidents and safe use history, then only need simplified documents for the notification of the toothpaste. But the period will be limited between 1.10,23-30.11.23. The full dossier may at the latest be completed before 1 December 2025.